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How Much Do Hotshots Make? — LTL RIG

Jan 01 2019You get a shorter trailer with a lower load capacity you're now able to haul some of that 6% The smaller the trailer the fewer load options you have If you're pulling a smaller trailer well that's a bummer Juniors are just not gonna get the rate a 40 will And ya best have a truck that can handle this Get price


2020 Towing Service Cost

Towing Company Cost The average cost to hire a tow truck service is $75 to $125 Most towing companies have a minimum charge of $50 for the first 5 to 10 miles then $2 to $4 per mile after Factors to consider in towing a car are distance type of vehicle and the time of day Get price


Freight Rate Calculator Estimate Shipping Costs via Air

Instant international freight rate estimates for shipping by sea air and truck Get an estimate from the world's largest database of freight rates with our freight calculator and then join Freightos to compare book and manage your upcoming shipments Get price


Average Transport Cost to haul colonies to almonds

Jan 15 2017What is the average transport cost charged by bee hauling companies to move approximately 800 colonies from east coast to almonds back (fuel truck drivers equipment) Based on current market prices How many colonies would be recommended to make the trip worth it financially? How many pallets of bees does the average flatbed carry?Get price


Grading Cost

I would add that haul distance as in on-site haul distance is very important As a rough example when constructing a 2-3 mile road if your entire cut is on one end of the project and your fill is on the other side of the project this will significantly increase earthwork unit costs Get price



The truck will earn 99 to 107 cents per loaded mile (plus Safety Bonus) There are variables known in advance which will affect the rate of pay An example is trailers over 40 feet in length which usually pay at a higher rate and there may be special circumstances where the mileage pay is greater Get price


How to Calculate Freight Charges with CWT Rates

To determine your billable weight you must have the current weight of the freight you are trying to move To do this divide your total weight by 100 to get your figure for "per hundred pounds" The 500lbs rate gives a smaller figure so that is the rate that will be used Get price


What is the Real Cost of Driving per Mile? My Money Design

Oct 19 2015New tires for my car cost around $600 and are rated for about 60 000 miles (roughly every 2 years with how much I drive) So the average cost of driving per mile is $600 / $600 = $0 01 per mile Thankfully the tire store I buy my tires from does free tire rotations for Get price


Fuel Surcharge Schedule Based on D O E National Weekly

The Diesel Fuel Cost Rate Scale shown below will be used to determine adjustments to freight charges for line haul transportation The scale is based upon the Department of Energy (DOE) National Average Price for self-serve diesel fuel index reported each Monday and will Shipment will be subject to a $ 010 per mile rate adjustment for each Get price


Hauling Cattle as a Business

Feb 09 2015The Westrums keep track of customers contacting them with requests to haul part-loads They often combine two or three owners' cattle in one trip to an auction barn Thus customers are able to share the hauling cost The Westrums' rate is $4 25 per loaded mile Get price


The Real Cost of Trucking

Tires – Retreading is less expensive than new tires and is a large portion of this cost Although mere pennies per mile an average tire can cost over $250 and annual tire expenses can exceed $4 000 ($0 03 per mile) enough to purchase 16 new tires annually but still not enough to Get price


National Transportation Statistics

National Transportation Statistics Recently Updated Tables by Topic Average Freight Revenue per Ton-Mile Transportation Energy Consumption by Mode Domestic Demand for Gasoline by Mode (4-7 Average Length of Haul Domestic Freight and Passenger Modes Table 1-39 - Worldwide Commercial Space LaunchesGet price


Transport / trucking people what's the general rate per km?

Aug 16 2019Hi all I know a lot of factors can influence this but what's the general transport rate per km companies ask on say a 10 - 15 - 20 ton truck for say a 1000 km trip? In the past I've seen R6/km R8/km and even up to R15/km but I think some companies are getting just a bit crazy or IMHO anyway don't know a lot about this hense my question Get price


How to Calculate Fuel Efficiency

Dec 27 2018Freight ton is the number of miles a truck can transfer on one ton of freight per gallon of diesel fuel In contrast to what many think it's the more favored statistic to determine energy intensity when it comes to transferring cargo as opposed to miles per gallon Also known as revenue ton freight-ton efficiency looks at fuel efficiency Get price


Lowboy Trucking Companies Trailer Truckload Rates

Freight Rate Central serves the trucking industry with lowboy trailers and truckload rates as well as a complete selection of dependable trucking services and equipment Our comprehensive menu of equipment choices includes something suited to the unique logistical demands and specifications of Get price


How to Calculate Cost per Mile for Your Trucking Company

Cost per mile also allows you to determine an appropriate per-mile rate to charge shippers Knowing your company's operating expenses on a per-mile basis gives you the information needed to be profitable If your cost per mile seems high one solution is to take on more work Get price


How to Calculate Trucking Rates

The 680-mile trip will take about 11 hours (680 / 60 = 11 33) If the driver pay rate is $12 per hour the cost for the driver is $132 (11 x 12 = 132) Add the gas cost and the truck driver pay ($369 + $132 = $501) Divide the total cost of the trip by the number of miles in the trip (501 / 680 = 73 7) The cost of the trip is 74 cents per mile Get price


Energy efficiency in transport

The energy efficiency in transport is the useful travelled distance of passengers goods or any type of load divided by the total energy put into the transport propulsion means The energy input might be rendered in several different types depending on the type of propulsion and normally such energy is presented in liquid fuels electrical energy or food energy Get price


What is the going rate for hauling farm Equipment

Mar 31 2015If he insists on paying a fair rate then nothing less then $2 per loaded mile $3 per loaded mile would be better if its a long empty haul back home Anything less then $2 per mile does not pay the bills associated with the equipment ownership What is the going rate for hauling farm Equipment ? Theme Default Get price


Towing Rates and Specials from Oklahoma Towing

Current Special Flat Rate Towing For a limited time Oklahoma Towing Recovery will tow your vehicle up to 5 miles for the flat rate of $75! Our normal mileage rate applies after 5 miles This special includes light duty towing only 3/4 ton trucks maximum It applies only from 7AM to 9PM Monday through Friday Get price


How Much Does A Truck Driver Make Per Mile?

Drivers who haul sensitive materials or have a lot of experience may earn $1 350 but don't expect that kind of pay as a rookie Rookie wages are lower typically between $0 27 and $0 29 per mile At 2 500 miles per week you may earn between $675 ($35 100/year) and $725 ($37 700/year) each week Get price


Railroad Cost Program

average car-mile rental rate for the specified car type These calculations are contained in output per mile applicable to both the line haul and switching miles These calculations are made on 243 506 UC PER TON MILE-ROI 244 507 VC-TON MILE-ROI 245 508 COAL TERMINAL TONS 246 509 UC PER TON-OPR 247 510 VC-OPR Get price


Cost Factors in Harvesting and Transporting Woody Biomass

Sep 05 2019Also beyond a certain distance transportation becomes the limiting profitability factor and its costs become directly proportional to haul lengths Table 2 shows cost per green ton for 45 75 and 100 miles assuming an average haul rate of $0 12 per ton per mile One hundred miles is generally considered a maximum haul distance in forest Get price


Cost per Mile

The principle portion was included in the original purchase price as identified above Its cost per mile was calculated using the formula in item number one Finally this value per mile will decrease in each of the accounting years as you pay off the note So if you are thinking the cost per mile changes yes is Get price


Current Freight Rates

Reefer freight rates are averaging $2 13 per mile an 11 cent decrease from one month ago Midwest reefer rates are highest at $2 55 per mile and lowest in the Northeast with an average of $1 92 per mile Current load-to-truck capacity shows reefer demand is highest through the middle of the country and lowest in the southeast Get price


Truck Driving Per Mile Salary

Truck drivers that are paid per mile see varying wages depending on their experience the region they work in and the company they are employed with A majority of trucking companies pay between $0 28 and $0 40 cents per mile according to the U S Bureau of Labor Statistics A few companies do pay up to $0 45 cents per mile Get price



dimension permit to operate with a combined weight of 80 001 pounds or more (extended weight or heavy haul) TABLE "B" AXLE - WEIGHT MILEAGE TAX RATES the mill rate to dollars per mile (see examples below the chart) Multiply your Oregon taxable miles times the rate toGet price


rate per mile

Feb 18 2008The rate per mile stays the same regardless if it is 300 miles or 3000 miles Back then I was paying about 30 cents a mile for fuel now it is running about 70 cents a mile Back then a truck cost me about $100 000 now its about $150 000+ So now if I was still hauling heavy equipment my rate would probably be around $2 and up a mile Get price


Crushing the Market with 225 Million Tons of Frac Sand

Prices vary dramatically depending on the distance to the well In the Permian for example the average per mile rate for a 30-mile haul is $18 per mile versus a 100-mile haul that averages $7 per mile according to our latest survey The below figure shows drive time analysis for the Permian based on the mine and potential well-site locations Get price


Intermodal Transportation

Oct 25 2017Just as with most full truckload agreements a rail shipment's costs are calculated based off a cost per mile or flat rate For rail this flat rate is determined by the ramp to ramp distance and available capacity on the line haul Intermodal rates can get more complicated once secondary modes and storage fees are incorporated Get price


Analysis of Freight Rail Rates for U S Shippers

From 2005 to 2011 the total rate premium paid by commodity shippers increased 90% while the carload volume declined by 1 1% Background Current Landscape and Summary of Existing Rail Rate Data American manufacturers rely on the nation's freight railroads to Get price


An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking 2017 Update

Table 17 Straight Truck Average Marginal Costs per Mile 2016 36 An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking 3 2017 Update LIST OF ACRONYMS ATA American Trucking Associations this research was to accurately identify and promulgate current operational costs based on real-world data provided directly by motor carriers The Get price


Truckers Math

The truck rate calculator will automatically calculate the distance between the origin and destination The truck rate calculator is flexible and allows expenses to be entered as a percentage of the load value or as a per mile expense or as a flat rate expense The truck rate calculator does it all! Truck rate Get price

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